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How to Feel the Presence of your Guides


This week I want to show you how to feel the presence of your guides. This is very easy to do and you only need to give yourself 10 minutes for the exercise. As with many of these exercises this one is much easier to do in a group but will work on your own. The advantage of a group is you can compare what you are feeling. Once one person makes the connection they can describe it to others in the group. Heres what to do.

  1. Arrange your seats in a circle in a quiet room, preferably with wooden floors.
  2. Close any windows and doors so there are no draughts.
  3. Sit in a comfortable upright position and close your eyes.
  4. Quickly take note of how your body feels. Pay particular attention to how your skin feels are you warm or cold, etc.?
  5. Relax and mentally ask your guides to enter your aura.
  6. Now you will notice a coolness starting at the level of your feet and moving slowly upwards. You will feel this with the same strength regardless of the type of clothes you are wearing (jeans, skirt, etc.). Everyone in a group situation will feel the coolness at the same level in their body at the same time. It feels like you have your legs dangling in a warm pool and that you can sense the currents in the water .
  7. Allow the feeling to rise up your body and see how far you can bring it. Around stomach level is typical for most groups.

What you are feeling is the energy of your guides. It is very calming and very obvious. You may get a shiver down your spine or some other feeling in your body immediately prior to feeling the coolness. These are the trademarks of your guides. If you are getting a one to one reading you should feel this energy much more strongly than when trying it alone or in a group. The Psychic will bring the energy level up to at least the brow chakra and you can feel this yourself as a buzzing sensation in your brow chakra while you are connected for the reading. If you dont feel it and you are trying to there are two main reasons. The first is that you are too concerned about the questions you are asking and the second is that the Psychic is not connected with the Spirit world herself. Once you get this feeling at any point in the reading you can relax with the quiet knowing that the information you are receiving is being channelled. You do not need to feel it all the way through the reading.

When Im doing radio shows where people are phoning in with their dreams I need to wear a jacket in the studio because of how cold I get! Id literally be shivering without it. The feeling relaxes me though because I know my invisible helpers are working with me holding my hand.


Taken from the Aisling Dream Interpretation Newsletter, September 2, 2000

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