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Protecting Your Aura


Your aura is controlled by how you feel. If you are fearful or feeling depressed your aura becomes quite small and can be hard to see. If you are feeling very positive your aura expands to a great size, becomes full of light and is very easy to see.

Normally your aura is sealed but feeling affection towards another person causes your aura to open up to theirs. Most of us are familiar with the effects of this. When you are connected you feel happy when they are happy. Conversely you feel sad when they are sad. You are literally feeling the emotions in their aura. This is welcome when a relationship is going well but adds to the pain when it is not. In the latter case in order to reconnect with your feelings it is often necessary to take a break of a few days away from your partner and anyone who would try to influence you in any way about your relationship. This will allow your aura to become clear of their influence. In this isolated space you can reconnect with your feelings and this will strengthen your aura. You can then re-enter the same space your partner occupies with a renewed ability to distinguish your feelings from theirs.

Protecting yourself from the influence of others
This exercise works well for partners, your boss or anyone who rubs you the wrong way. It must be done before you meet the person so I suggest you do it first thing in the morning before you get dressed. Close your eyes and imagine your aura around you. Notice its oval shape and imagine this shape filling with very beautiful and warm light. Something very easy to imagine and hold. Fill it outwards from your body in all directions rather than from the bottom up - like your body is the element of a light bulb. Now imagine a golden seal forming just on the inside edge of your aura. Imagine the seal hardening so that nothing can get into your aura. The seal acts like a mirror reflecting away anything that comes near you. You feel totally protected inside a cocoon. Now imagine the seal becoming soft and bright but it still works with the same effectiveness. You now control what can get into your aura and unless you allow it all negative feelings projected at you simply bounce off your aura.

Spiritual Activities
Activities such as meditation or channeling also open the aura. We are all aware of the need to take care of our physical body but many people engage in activities which exercise the spirit body without proper care for it. In a meditative state we assume a posture that encourages energy to flow through us more freely. We also use our mind to raise our vibration to connect with a higher plane. Whether we realize it or not this opens our aura and chakras more than any other exercise. When finished the exercise it is necessary to close ourselves down. Closing down is described next. It is NEVER a good idea to remain open like this.

Closing Down
Stand up straight. With your eyes closed imagine a golden light coming from the sky right above you and shining straight through the center of your body and into the ground. Now, starting at the top of your head, imagine that a strand of this light is moving in a clockwise direction around you. Imagine the light is gently moving downwards as it swirls around you. As it passes each chakra it closes it to the level required to operate on the physical plane. You don't need to worry about what that level is. Trust that the light knows what it is doing. The light then moves into the ground.

That's the whole exercise. It takes less than two minutes to do. Always leave the closing down to the very end of your evening. Also, try not to talk about any of your spiritual experiences during the evening after you have closed down as this will open you up again. If you do simply close down again when you're done.


Taken from the Aisling Dream Interpretation Newsletter, September 2002

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